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Free Agency 2013: Cedric Benson To Meet with Packers

The Packers appear to be ready to kick the tires on their former starting running back.


Currently, the Green Bay Packers have a slate of unknowns at the running back position. Players like DuJuan Harris, James Starks, and Alex Green have all shown some flashes of ability but the uncertainty about any one of them taking a "feature back" type of role is totally off the charts. This is why the running back position has been a popular projection from the Packers, despite many analysts feeling like there are no backs worthy of a first-round pick in this year's draft.

Now, with the draft just two days away, the Packers are reportedly bringing back one of their former backs in for a meeting:

That's right, it appears that the Packers are checking in on Benson's progress. This seems like a logical move in advance of the draft, and it could set the stage for a quick re-signing of the veteran running back if the draft board forces the Packers to wait until the later rounds to draft a running back. Then again, they could probably bring Benson back cheaply even if they do draft a running back early.

Overall, this looks to me like the team is just doing its due diligence to determine whether Benson is truly back in game shape and would be ready to go through a full training camp and off-season with the Packers. If he is indeed ready, Ted Thompson might be comfortable moving ahead with a low draft pick and bring Benson back into the fold. Do not assume that Benson will be returning to Green Bay until you hear that a contract has been signed, as the board will dictate Thompson's draft strategy. That said, Benson's condition will undoubtedly have some effect on the Packers' draft plans.

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