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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers news and links for April 24, 2013

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Daily Green Bay Packers links, today on Jeremy Ross, Tyler Eifert, cornerbacks, Clay's contract and more.

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Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Wednesday, ladies and gentlemen. The draft is tomorrow, and I am not ready. But Tex and I will make a giant vat of espresso and pump out 60 articles over the next five days anyway, because we love you. On to the links.

Draft preview: Notre Dame TE Eifert may be best available at No. 26 | Green Bay Press-Gazette

I think this is highly likely. It's why we decided to take him in the SB Nation mock draft despite tight end not being high on our list of needs.

Plenty of depth at cornerback in NFL draft | Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

So, of course, Ted will get a hall of famer in the 7th round.

Jeremy Ross pursuing redemption, again |

I really hope the above picture doesn't define him. He's a great returner and I'd prefer to take Randall Cobb off that role.

Packers First Round Prediction: LSU Safety Eric Reid | Cheesehead TV

That's a unique pick, but not one I have any arguments with.

Clay Matthews Is Not Worth His Contract | Jersey Al's

Before your face turns red and steam starts blowing out of your ears, read to the end.

History indicates Thompson regularly drafts to fill Packers' needs | FOX Sports Wisconsin

Ted is definitely a BPA/need hybrid. He just doesn't reach, which is all I really want from my GM.

PFF's Top 10 Seventh-Round Picks, 2008-2012 | Pro Football Focus

Gotta love Stevie.

State of the Team: Detroit Lions | Football Outsiders

I assume the Packers are up soon.

NFL news and rumors | SB Nation

If you missed anything flying around the internets yesterday.

2013 NFL draft team needs: A graphic look at what franchises have to do | SB Nation

No Packers yet, but feel free to get pre-angry about how wrong the non-Packers expert is no matter what they say.