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NFL Draft Rumors: Eddie Lacy might not get to Packers

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The Bengals are reportedly high on the Alabama RB.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Okay, super happy internet fun time. Ready? The folks at Walter Football always have the capacity to brighten up draft day with rumors, and they had one this morning that pertained to the Packers.

Sources told that the Cincinnati Bengals are "all in" on Alabama running back Eddie Lacy. It makes sense because the Bengals badly need a feature running back and Lacy is a good scheme fit. He could be an option in the first round or early in the second round.

Mel Kiper is currently projecting that Lacy will go the Bengals with the 21st pick, which our Cincinnati Bengals blog Cincy Jungle wrote about. They're not so sure about the rumor or Kiper's prediction.

It's hard seeing them pass up on a safety or offensive tackle with their first-round pick, especially if Andre Smith goes unsigned before the first round.

Lacy says that he knows what teams are interested in him, but won't say out of respect for the organizations, which is par for the course for potential first rounders. If you believe in conspiracies or the #illuminati, Lacy's on the front page of

Mike Mayock had Lacy going to the Packers in the first round, as did Rob Rang of CBS, along with quite a few smaller names that I'm missing, I'm sure. I'm not a big fan of taking Lacy, and I'm hoping that the Bengals are high enough on him to take him at 21 to avoid tempting Ted Thompson.

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