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The merits of trading up/down on day two of the NFL Draft

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The Green Bay Packers got their man in the first round staying at No. 26 to select DE Datone Jones, UCLA — will they trade up in day two to address a need position?


On day 1 of the 2013 NFL Draft the Green Bay Packers addressed their biggest need overall, defensive line. Defensive end Datone Jones provides a pop on the defensive line that has been missing in Green Bay for quite sometime.

Fast forward to day 2, is there another home run pick out their for the Packers at pick No. 55 or No. 88? Or should the Packers not wait to find out?

Pros trading up:

As far as I'm concerned there are two players left that if I'm the Packers I really consider trading up in the second round for.

First, Florida International safety Johnathan Cyprien. Cyprien would be a starter on day one and would finally replace Nick Collins in Green Bay. Quite frankly I was shocked that Cyprien wasn't taken in the first round, which makes him a "must get" right now. Cyprien has great range, is solid in the run game and is a ball hawk in the secondary. He would be an impact player for the Packers and he would solidify the secondary.

The Packers could look to trade up to the 40th pick with the Tennesse Titans, 41st with the New York Jets or 44th with the Carolina Panthers. The Packers would have to give up their second round pick and mostly likely two later picks in the draft.

Another player the Packers could look to trade up for is running back Eddie Lacy out of Alabama. The Packers were slotted to take Lacy by many experts in round one, but now he has fallen to round two and is there for Green Bay.

The pros of trading up are simple, essentially by trading up early into the second round and getting a guy like Cyprien or Lacy you are getting a first round talent in the second round and you aren't giving up much for a guy that will make an impact as a rookie.

Trading up early on day 2 also gives you a better chance to get an impact player. The Packers would most likely have to forfeit one of their seventh round picks in a trade up, however, I ask you, are the chances of finding a contributor more likely early in the second round or the seventh round? The answer is obvious. Give up your second round pick, a sixth and one seventh and get a starter.

The Packers aren't that far away from being a legitimate Super Bowl contender, they don't necessarily need all of their draft picks. Look for example what the Minnesota Vikings did last night. They got three starters on day one and gave up most of their picks later in the draft, it was brilliant.

Cons trading up:

For those of you that love to stock pile draft picks, like Ted Thompson obviously aren't a fan of forfeiting three picks for one player, and that's fine. Luckily for you there is a lot of talent on day two for the Packers to choose from without trading up.

If the Packers don't trade up in the second round there will be a number of players available to them at pick No. 55.

The long list includes: J.J. Wilcox S, GSU, Giovani Bernard RB, UNC, D.J. Swearinger S, South Carolina, Johnathan Jenkins DT, Georgia, the list goes on and on. My point being, the draft is extremely deep, so why not just sit and wait and see what falls to you at pick No. 55.

I think the Packers will still get a starter at some point in the second and third round, whether they trade up or not obviously will define the type of player they get.

There are arguments to be made for both sides, however, in my opinion, being the agressor in the draft usually works out more times than not. General managers that are agressive and get the guy they want usually benefit from their decisions.

I trust Ted Thompson to do what he thinks is best for the Green Bay Packers. He has been a great draft guy in his tenure in Green Bay and that won't change.

It makes too much sense, to me, for the Packers to move up and get a guy they love, and a guy that will play a large number of snaps in 2013.

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