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Packers Looking to Trade Desmond Bishop, Says Report

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After releasing one inside linebacker, the Packers might be looking to move another.

Doug Pensinger

On NFL Network's "Path to the Draft" program this morning, reporter Daniel Jeremiah reported that the Green Bay Packers are apparently actively looking to trade inside linebacker Desmond Bishop. Ian Rapoport confirms:

This is a fascinating development. Brad Jones played well last season in injury relief of Bishop and D.J. Smith, and was given starter's money in his three-year extension this season. He was better than Bishop in coverage, but still has only made 12 starts (including playoffs) inside. If this report is true, the Packers must be comfortable moving into the 2013 season with Jones and A.J. Hawk as the starters and Terrell Manning as the primary backup. At best, this move on the heels of Smith's release puts the depth at the inside linebacker spot into question.

The next question is what the Packers would want in return for Bishop. It's possible they could be looking for a draft pick early on in today's draft, probably a fourth-rounder. They could also be asking for a higher pick in the 2014 Draft instead. The big question though is why now, and there aren't many good answers at this point.