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New Voices: Changes at Acme Packing Company

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Have you noticed some changes recently at APC? We will try to explain a little bit about what's going on these days.


Many of you have been asking about the changes on the writing staff at Acme Packing Company, and with good reason. With all of our draft preparation and coverage over the past two weeks or so, I have not had a chance to share with you the changes that have gone on with the staff.

Departure: Devin Shanley

Devin has been an integral part of this site for over a year, and has done some great work for us. You'll remember that he started out under the screen name PackApologist, and since this time last year has been a critical piece of the staff. With a new child and an emerging law career, Devin has understandably chosen to focus his efforts elsewhere, and we wish him the very best. He may be around with the occasional post and we hope he'll continue to read and comment regularly. We look forward to a time when he may be able to rejoin the writing staff on a more consistent basis.

New Arrivals: Ken McKain, Jason Hirschhorn and Dan Turczynski

Despite Devin's departure, we have three new(-ish) writers who have all been providing insight and analysis over the past few weeks.

Ken McCain was a member of APC under the screenname "Packattack88", and you have likely seen his film study pieces over the past few weeks. Ken has experience as a lineman, and as such he is able to better break down film on players in the trenches than anyone we have been able to work with in the past. We look forward to his continuing contributions and believe that he will be a great addition to the team.

Jason comes to us from Lombardi Ave., another Packers blog, where he has been one of their lead writers. Jason is also an accomplished music blogger, working at Beats Per Minute and has experience writing about a variety of sports topics.

Dan also joins us from Lombardi Ave., and he is currently a journalism student at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. With Devin's departure, this leaves Dan as the only member of the staff currently in the Green Bay area, and we believe he will be able to give us a bit of the local feel for the team.

Thanks to the entire community for bearing with us during this time of transition, and our goal remains to continue providing you with top-quality content and analysis on the Green Bay Packers. And once again, if anyone else out there is interested in becoming a contributor, I encourage you to email me.