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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers news and links for April 5, 2013

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Daily Green Bay Packers links, today on dead money, contract extensions, the draft and rasslin.


Happy Friday, ladies and gentlemen. Clay Matthews and Aaron Rodgers haven't signed their contracts yet, and the uncertainty is killing the team every day. They'll kill the team more when they sign and destroy the cap, because everything is bad always.

There's my one dig at insane fans for the day. On to the links.

Packers count little dead money toward cap | Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

This is one thing that allows them to sign Rodgers and Matthews to huge extensions.

Making Sense of Thompson's Free-Agent Frugalness | Cheesehead TV

This is another thing that allows them to do that.

When will deals get done for Rodgers, Matthews and Raji? | Jersey Al's

I'm starting to think it's not going to happen for B.J.

Rodgers builds lasting impact with MACC Fund | FOX Sports Wisconsin

This is really cool.

NFL Draft 2013: Breaking down the 'Joker' tight ends | SB Nation

A really great piece with all kinds of video and GIF goodness.

The next step for Mankind | SB Nation

Ahead of Wrestlemania, some rasslin. This is an awesome piece even if you have zero interest in rasslin.