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Reader Poll: Which NFC North Defensive Player Would You Want in Green Bay?

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APC asks you to pick one player from a division rival and justify your selection.


As we slowly slog our way to the NFL Draft, we have decided to continue posing a series of questions over the next few days and weeks to get some discussion brewing about our Green Bay Packers. While the Packers' defense improved from 2011, there's always more opportunity to continue to boost the talent level on that side of the ball. With that in mind, we posed the following question on Facebook and Twitter to solicit nominations:

If you could add one defensive player to the Packers from another NFC North team (ignoring salary cap or financial considerations), who would it be?

Ndamukong Suh

Suh may have received the most nominations, as a number of people think he would make a terrific end in the Packers' 3-4 system. Our friend Mitchell also suggested this possibility:

Brilliant. I would suggest to Evan Dietrich-Smith that he leave Suh's shoelaces alone in practice, however.

Harrison Smith

The young Viking safety was also the recipient of several nominations. He had a very good rookie season, with three interceptions and a forced fumble to his credit. His presence would definitely give the Packers two talented safeties for the foreseeable future; the only question would be which of Smith or Morgan Burnett would make the switch over to the strong safety spot.

Jared Allen

This was an interesting choice to me. Allen seems hated by many Packers fans (correct me if I'm wrong), but he remains an elite pass-rusher. However, his skills against the run seem to be diminishing. With his size, I could see him making a move to outside linebacker in Green Bay's 3-4, but that is a position he has never played and I would have serious doubts about his ability to drop back into coverage. He has also played exclusively on the right side, and his presence would likely shift Clay Matthews over to the left.

Julius Peppers

Peppers has been a highly effective pass-rusher over the past decade, and could continue to do so in Green Bay. He has enough size to make the transition to 3-4 end (6'6", 285) but he has never played in a 3-4 before so his responsibilities would be very different and he would probably not be able to rack up as many sacks as he did in the Bears' 4-3. However, imagine him at right end and Clay Matthews at right outside linebacker. Left tackles beware!

Charles Tillman

Tillman would bring even more depth to the Packers' secondary, and would give them arguably the best player at stripping the football in the entire NFL. There's little doubt that the team would find a starting spot for him, even with the excellent depth currently at the cornerback position.

Obviously none of these moves are going to happen, but it's still all in good fun to imagine what could happen with one of these players in Green and Gold. Who's your selection? Or did we miss somebody who would be your pick?