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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers news and links for April 9, 2013

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Daily Green Bay Packers links, today on DBs in the draft, Matthew Mulligan, Thompson's GM tree and concussions.


Happy Tuesday, ladies and gentlemen. We didn't have Cheese Curds yesterday because ... well, because I'm dumb. I don't have an excuse. I just totally forgot to do it. Yesterday was a bad day, but I have my stuff a bit more together now. Anyone who says I had a 'case of the Mondays' gets banned.

Great year for safeties; depth at cornerback |

We're going to pick a Hall of Fame safety in the 3rd or 4th round, y'all.

Mulligan addition helps fill Packers' blocking need at TE | Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

Ryan Taylor isn't a run blocker?

NFL, ex-players prep for battle over concussions | AP via Green Bay Press-Gazette

This might get ugly.

NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Christine Michael, RB | Jersey Al's

This link isn't going away.

Thompson's GM tree continues to expand | FOX Sports Wisconsin

Soon, every GM in the league will be a Ted Thompson disciple. All 32 of them.

NFL roundup | SB Nation

All of the news and rumors you may have missed yesterday.