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NFL Preseason Schedules: Packers' Full Schedule Announced

We know who the Packers are playing in this year's preseason - now we have the exact dates and times.

Jonathan Daniel

On Tuesday, the NFL put out a press release detailing the full schedule of all the 2013 preseason games. We already knew who the opponents will be and where the games will be taking place, but now we have exact dates and times for each game. Fans who like to watch the preseason games but who don't like to have their weeknights kept busy with football will be relieved to note that there is only one Thursday game on the schedule, and that is the final game on the schedule.

Week 1

Arizona Cardinals @ Green Bay Packers
Lambeau Field
Friday, August 9, 7:00 PM Central Time

Week 2

Green Bay Packers @ St. Louis Rams
Edward Jones Dome
Saturday, August 17, 7:00 PM Central Time

Week 3

Seattle Seahawks @ Green Bay Packers
Lambeau Field
Friday, August 23rd, 7:00 PM Central Time
National TV Broadcast on CBS

Week 4

Green Bay Packers @ Kansas City Chiefs
Arrowhead Stadium
Thursday, August 29th, 7:00 PM Central Time

Check out the Packers' full regular season schedule here

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