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Cheese Curds: Daily Green Bay Packers News and Links for May 19, 2013

On splitting the rushing load, offensive linemen, and not winning the Powerball.

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Happy Sunday to everyone, and happy OTA Eve! The whole team should be on the practice field tomorrow, so we'll be bringing you as much news as we can from OTAs all throughout the week. In the meantime, let's all pop open a beer, sit outside on our deck chairs, and complain that we didn't win the Powerball jackpot. On to the links!

Packers' draft pick Jones ready to make a point - JSOnline
Still love that pick, and the fact that he already understands the playbook is just icing on the cake.

Rookie backs Lacy and Franklin are poised to provide a 1-2 punch |
Taylor and Hornung, Bennett and Levens...Lacy and Franklin? It sure has a nice ring to it.

Bush endures as special teams' veteran leader |
THAT is the role that most of us expect from Bush, and the one that he appears best suited for.

Taylor gets top bonus among undrafted rookies |
With the quantity of players on the offensive line, it might be a long shot for Taylor to make the roster on day one, but I fully expect him to be on the practice squad at worst this season.

Bears' offensive lineman Gabe Carimi absent from team OTAs - JSOnline
Whoops. Not a great way to make a good first impression with the new coaching staff. Sure, OTAs are technically voluntary, but Carimi had better have a good reason for not being there.

Football Outsiders: Remaining needs - NFC North Blog - ESPN
I like Seifert's take on the Packers' OL here. I think putting Bulaga and Sitton on the left side will be a big help.

Enjoy your Sunday!