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Cheese Curds: Daily Green Bay Packers News and Links for May 2, 2013

We've got news on Kevin Dorsey's favorite cheese, some former Packers defensive backs, and a crochety old writer who doesn't trust stopwatches at small-school Pro Days.

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Rob Carr

Good morning, APC readers! Kevin is busy this morning, so you get a different variety of cheese curds this morning. On that note, hopefully new Packer Kevin Dorsey likes this version. On to the links...

CB Al Harris retires a Packer - JSOnline
"We want the ball and we're going to score." Al Harris is one of my favorite Packers of the previous decade, and this is a cool move by him and the team.

Would Packers have chosen Montee Ball? - NFC North Blog - ESPN
I'm convinced Montee would have been a great Packer. I'm also convinced Eddie Lacy will be a great one as well.

What will the Packers’ season look like in 2013? -
The latest Ask Vic article shows that he doesn't trust the people who timed Charles Johnson's 40-yard dash.

Kevin Dorsey talks NFL draft, Green Bay Packers and cheese - Washington Post
New Packer Kevin Dorsey doesn't have a favorite type of cheese yet. He should have plenty of chances to find one soon.

Interview: LeRoy Butler on gays, the church and Reggie White - Outsports
Here's a great interview that SBNation's Outsports blog got with the former Packer safety, discussing his reaction to the Jason Collins situation. I'm not going to get into personal opinions on the subject, but I definitely respect Butler for standing up for his convictions.

HGH use 'rampant' in NFL, according to report -
Anyone thinking that players aren't doping is deluding themselves.

Enjoy your Thursday, everyone!

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