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Cheese Curds: Daily Green Bay Packers News and Links for May 22, 2013

On optimistic injured players, changing positions, and Jay Cutler's "success" at quarterback.

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Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Happy hump day to all you Packers fans out there! Kevin's busy with soccer stuff today, so you get Uncle Tex's special edition cheese curds for the day (I add a little bit of dill and garlic to liven them up).

Packers' Mike Neal surprised by early move to OLB - JSOnline
No matter how surprised we are by this move, Neal himself is probably more confused than any of us.

Packers' Jerel Worthy: 'I'm going to play this year' - JSOnline
I'd love to share his optimism, and I certainly hope he can get back on the field, but I'm not as sure about that as Worthy is.

New leaders must fill void left by departing veterans | Packersnews |
My guess is the Packers themselves will be just fine; it's the fans who will need to go through the longest adjustment period when seeing different players wearing 21, 80, and 85.

Adjustment ongoing for Packers' new-look offensive line | Packersnews |
Wes Hod discusses the switch on the O-line, complete with quotes from the players involved. I don't know if Marshall Newhouse will start on the right side, but I'll breathe easier with him there rather than on the left.

Ranking Quarterbacks by Records - SportsCentral
LOL Jay Cutler.

18-game regular season still a topic of conversation | National Football Post
UUGGGGGHHHHH. I love the NFL, but enough already with this. The NFL has the best regular season and playoff format in all of professional sports (in my opinion). Don't change a good thing.

San Diego Chargers WR Keenan Allen wears a Raiders hat - Bolts From The Blue
In comparison, imagine if Eddie Lacy grew up in Minnesota and tweeted a picture of himself wearing a Vikings hat. You'd probably be none too happy either, but ultimately it's not really a big deal.

Microsoft, NFL announce wide-ranging partnership -
This is a brilliant deal for Microsoft, as it seems likely that they will steal at least a small group of gamers who were PlayStation owners but who will look to take advantage of some exclusive NFL content.

Let's get through our Wednesday - only a few more days until a nice, long weekend!