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Cheese Curds: Daily Green Bay Packers News and Links for May 26, 2013

We look at a pair of linemen, the receiving corps, and the Packers' veteran safety.

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After a day off for everybody yesterday (with basically nothing going on around the NFL), we're back with curds this morning. Kick back, watch the Indy 500, and check out some of the news from the past few days regarding the Packers.

Morgan Burnett hits ground running in off-season workouts -
When all you do is sprint for 10 seconds at a time, running 3 miles straight can be a challenge.

Time for Packers' 2012 draft class to stand and deliver -
Worthy is obviously a question mark, but we know what we have in Hayward and I'm excited for a full season with a health Nick Perry.

Packers to start season with new generation of receivers |
Sure, I'm biased, but I'll take the versatility and varied talents of the Packers' top three over any other trio in the NFL.

Packers ready to roll with Dietrich-Smith at center |
It sounds like EDS is a professional. That's good, because he's expected to play like one now.

Newhouse learning to embrace OL shuffle |
It sounds like he at least has the right attitude - all he can control is how he plays at the place that the coaches put him.