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2014 NFL Draft Officialy Scheduled for May 8-10

The league has released the dates for the big off-season events for next season.


After some reports about the league and the NFLPA considering shifting back the date of next year's NFL Draft, the league made that official this morning. The NFL released the dates for the 2014 Draft, which will run on the same Thursday-through-Saturday schedule on May 8-10 of next year.

The league year and Scouting Combine do not appear to be significantly affected, however:

The 2013 league year started on March 12th at 4 PM, with the Combine held February 20-26, so those dates have not been altered much. In any case, this change will give NFL teams an additional two weeks to diligently sort through their draft boards, scouting reports, and game film to establish their rankings even more completely.

Again, to recap:

February 18-25: 2014 Scouting Combine
March 11: Start of 2014 NFL League Year
May 8-10: 2014 NFL Draft

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