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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers news and links for May 6, 2013

Daily Green Bay Packers links, today on Myles White, the safety position and the most horrible news of the offseason.

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Happy Monday, ladies and gentlemen. In theory, I should be back in my office today. I scheduled this late at night using crappy cell phone internet, and at the time of scheduling, our move-in had been pushed back a few hours. I hope to be back in the land of real internet by this afternoon, though I'm sure no one missed my references to rap songs and internet memes while Tex was doing Curds.

Tight end Brandon Bostick looking for more in year two |

He'll definitely be a factor in camp with Tom Crabtree gone.

Rookie free-agent receiver Myles White brings speed | Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

I like that Ted's brought in a few speedsters to fight for a spot at WR.

Safety Dance: Adding a Veteran Could be Possibility for Packers | Cheesehead TV

Definitely, and I think the Doctor (pictured above) is in for a highly scrutinized and critical camp.

PFF's Top 101 of 2012: the Top 10 | Pro Football Focus

If you missed it, Aaron was No. 11. PFF admitted that his protection or lack thereof probably factored into that. Also, they don't take previous years into account or make projections, this is just based on how much they helped their teams win last season.

Word of Muth: Eric Fisher and Luke Joeckel | Football Outsiders

From a few days ago, but it's good and hasn't been linked yet.

Spring breakout stars | National Football Post

Sure, we'll throw a bit of college info at you while we're here.

Dolphins cancel stadium renovation plans amid public financing flap | SB Nation

Y'all can thank the homie Jeff Loria.

Tim Tebow on ESPN, FOX radar for analyst gig if he bypasses football | SB Nation