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APC Lunch Break: Overrated and Underrated Packers

Tell us which Packers you think are better or worse than their reputations.


This morning, an article from Pete Prisco of CBS Sports got me thinking about the individual members of the Green Bay Packers and their reputations around the league. Prisco put out a list for each team consisting of the player he feels is most overrated and the one who is most underrated. Here's Prisco's list for the Packers:

Overrated: TE Jermichael Finley. They say he's focused this offseason and looks better, but hasn't he become a big tease? The talent is there. He needs to do more.

Underrated: CB Sam Shields. He is a good man-cover player who has a chance to be a shutdown corner. He isn't big, and he isn't a great tackler, but he can cover.

This was our inspiration for today's lunch break post. Who do you think is most overrated and underrated on the current Packers roster?

Personally, I think Finley is getting a bad rap this off-season. He's obviously had drops and "chemistry" issues with Aaron Rodgers in the past, but now I think he's been getting so much bad publicity around the league (not in Green Bay) that people are actually underestimating him.

As for Prisco's underrated player, I think he's on to something picking Shields. I was actually rather surprised that he did not receive an offer sheet in restricted free agency this year, and he has all the skills to be that lockdown corner.

My list would go as follows:

Overrated: C.J. Wilson. I'm going to reach a bit and go for Wilson, who is lauded for his run-stopping ability. However, even that has been questionable over the past few years, and it certainly doesn't come close to making up for his lack of production in the pass rush.

Underrated: Brad Jones. I really think that not signing Jones was a miss by 31 other NFL teams in free agency this season. He's a complete inside linebacker - great in coverage and very solid against the run. i'm very happy that the Packers have him locked up for a few years.

Who are your choices?