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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for June 13, 2013

Quick, shut off your playbook iPads and lock them in a closet so other teams can't hack them!

Packers WR Alex Gillett at practice.
Packers WR Alex Gillett at practice.

This Thursday morning sees little news from the Packers world, but some interesting nuggets from around the NFL. It's time for bold off-season predictions, rationalizing personnel decisions, and unfortunate injuries (but luckily those aren't happening to any Packers right now--knock on wood). Here we go!

Settling in at center - ESPN Wisconsin
Evan Dietrich-Smith fought hard for his roster spot and has earned the front-runner spot for a starting job. Hopefully he can excel in that role.

Green Bay Packers chat with Rob Demovsky: June 12, 2013 | Press-Gazette
"When it comes to Hawk, their thinking is -- and always has been -- that he's ultra dependable and doesn't make assignment errors. Coaches tend to prefer that over say, a more athletic but less reliable player."

Mike McCarthy promises a better running game | ProFootballTalk
I expect the team to rush for 3,500 yards and 42 touchdowns.

Teams ensure iPad playbook are safe and secure | ProFootballTalk
And that's why I'm #TeamAndroid. Commence IT flame war! (But don't really)

Victor Butler injury: Saints LB tears ACL -
Ouch. Butler was a relatively highly-regarded linebacker in this year's free agent class. That's unfortunate for that Saints defense.

Ahmad Bradshaw adds new dimension to Colts offense -
Obviously, drafting two running backs means that the Packers were no longer in the market for Bradshaw. He's still a great pass blocker though, and this could be a nice pickup for the Colts if his foot cooperates.

Finally, to those of you in the path of the nasty storms yesterday, we hope everyone is safe and sound.

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