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APC Lunch Break: What's Your Favorite Tailgating Main Course?

With Father's Day approaching and cookouts likely going on this week, we invite you to tell us your favorite things to grill.

Jonathan Daniel

With over a month until training camp, we need to fill the dog days of summer with some discussion, whether it's football-related or not. For today's lunch break, I'm drawing on inspiration from both lunch itself and Father's Day, which is coming up this Sunday. My dad typically would cook dinner on the grill on Father's Days when I was younger, and that got me thinking about grilling, and then to tailgating in particular. So today's lunch break question is this:

What is your favorite main dish to make at a tailgate?

Personally, I tend to be a traditionalist. Every once in a while, I'll find some interesting jalapeno cheddar sausages or I'll break out a steak on a rare, special occasion, but as far as I'm concerned, you can't beat old-fashioned beer brats when preparing food for a game. The trick for me, though, is simmering them in beer for about 15-20 minutes before searing them on the grill. My personal beer of choice is usually Schlitz - it's pretty cheap (so you won't feel too guilty about using up a few bottles to cook the brats), but it's also decent enough that you can throw back the ones you didn't cook with while you're hanging out with tongs in hand.

Are you a hot dog person? Polish sausage, perhaps? Maybe you're a burger fan? Tell us in the comments below, and cast your vote in the poll.

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