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APC Lunch Break: Which Former Packer's Number Should Be Retired?

Today's discussion-starter asks which Packer of yore you would bestow the ultimate team honor upon.


With today's lunch break, we're switching gears a little bit. We've asked you about your grilling habits and your favorite Packers gear, and we've also asked you to weigh in on various topics related to this year's Green Bay Packers team. Today we want to look back into Packers history with our question of the day:

If you had to retire one (and only one) former Packer's number, whose number would you choose?

To refresh your memory, the Packers have officially retired five numbers in the team's history:

3 - Tony Canadeo
14 - Don Hutson
15 - Bart Starr
66 - Ray Nitschke
92 - Reggie White

There are also a few numbers which are not officially retired, but which the team typically does not give to players on the roster during the season. These are both single-digit numbers: Curly Lambeau's #1 and Paul Hornung's #5. For the sake of argument, I will assume that these numbers are also not on the table, and that we treat them as officially retired.

And on that note, it seems to be a formality now that the team will be retiring the #4 worn by Brett Favre. Let's assume that he is off the table as well.

Back to the point: who would you choose? How about a defender from the Lombardi era? Willie Wood's #24, Herb Adderley's #26, or Willie Davis' 87 could be options. Or, if you would rather go with an offensive player like Jim Taylor's #31, Forrest Gregg's #75, or Jerry Kramer's #64? Would you look to more recent Packers, like Donald Driver's #80 or even Ahman Green's #30? (Bonus: you could honor both Driver and James Lofton by retiring #80!)

Let us know in the comments who your choice would be

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