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APC Lunch Break: Which Rookie Wide Receiver Should Make the Team?

We pose a scenario in which you must choose one young wideout to earn a roster spot after training camp. Who will you pick?

Packers WR Tyrone Walker
Packers WR Tyrone Walker

The Packers have a lot of wide receivers on the roster at this point. Kevin mentioned that in Cheese Curds this morning, and that got me thinking about all the players at that position and how the team will make its roster decisions at the end of camp. Today's lunch break question is this:

Which of the Packers' young receivers will make the team out of camp?

We'll refresh your memory on the candidates below, and for this exercise we're assuming that the following five players will be on the team:

Randall Cobb
Jordy Nelson
James Jones
Jarrett Boykin
Jeremy Ross

With Ross primarily focusing on special teams and returning kicks, that means four of these players will actually contribute on offense, and we'll say for the sake of argument that the team will choose to keep one more wideout. Who will it be?

Name College How Acquired
Charles Johnson Grand Valley State 7th-round pick
Kevin Dorsey Maryland 7th-round pick
Sederrik Cunningham Furman Free agent
Alex Gillett Eastern Michigan UDFA
Terrell Sinkfield Northern Iowa UDFA
Tyrone Walker Illinois State UDFA
Myles White Louisiana Tech UDFA

So who's it going to be? Which of these players do you think the Packers would keep in this scenario, and which would you like to see them hold onto? Discuss!

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