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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for June 21, 2013

The running backs get heavy coverage in today's link dump.

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Welcome to Friday, everyone! I'll be finally getting home today from a long week in a rather unexciting place, which means that I'll be breaking out the grill multiple times this weekend. Hopefully yours will start off well today - as usual, we suggest that you take a nice long lunch break, leave work early, and get home and relax. Here's this morning's NFL and Green Bay Packers-related news.

DuJuan Harris on camp: 'I'll be ready' - JSOnline
Awesome. We know Davon House and Terrell Manning will be back at 100% in camp, but Harris will join them. I look forward to seeing him complement the rookies.

Old School Packers - Feb. 11, 1992: Ron Wolf pulls the trigger on his master plan - JSOnline
"The Packers also had lengthy talks about a trade for Steve Young, the San Francisco left-hander who had his finest seasons under Holmgren at Brigham Young and San Francisco." How absurd would it have been to have had Young instead of Favre in green and gold?

NFL - Can rookie RBs ignite Green Bay Packers' run game? - ESPN
It's an Insider article, so apologies if you can't read it all, but they break down some detailed numbers on the running game. It also suggests that the Packers' OL has its best success in short-yardage situations and that recent Packers running backs haven't been particularly elusive (big surprise there).

NFL - Fullback, tight end positions in transition - ESPN
John Clayton has a talent for stating the obvious, but at least he's still got that fantastic SportsCenter commercial and a rockin' ponytail.

Bears hire Mitchell Tanney as director of analytics -
"OH NO, MONEYBALL IS TAKING OVER THE NFL!" At least that's what I imagine the old geezer NFL scouts (and maybe Clayton) are saying.

Aaron Hernandez linked to continuing homicide investigation -
This is absurd. Sorry, media, but I'm only interested in following a helicopter chasing a football player driving a white SUV if he has a Heisman trophy and an acting career.

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