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APC Lunch Break: Favorite Non-Packers Playoff Memories

The Stanley Cup was awarded last night, which got us thinking about our favorite moments in playoff sports when the Packers were not involved. Tell us yours!

Jonathan Daniel

We, the writing staff of Acme Packing Company, love to talk about football more than just about anything else. We bleed cheese, like many of you. That said, we are also fans of many other sports besides the National Football League, and with another sport's championship being decided last night and with the slow days between minicamp and training camp upon us, let's look back at some of those teams as we ask the following question:

What are your favorite playoff sports memories that did not involve the Green Bay Packers?

For me, there are several. The first one that comes to mind relates to the picture at the head of this article. Before 2011, I had never seen the Milwaukee Brewers win a playoff series in my life. I grew up a baseball fan first and foremost, even more so than being a Packers fan, and I had to put up with horrible baseball throughout my youth and adolescence. As such, the Brewers' NL Central title and dramatic walk-off victory in the 2011 NL Divisional Series was and still is the high point of my life as a baseball fan.

I have a variety of hockey and college football memories as well, but because of my love of baseball as a child, that one takes the cake.

What are your favorite playoff memories?

And with playoffs in mind, take a look at SBNation's profile of a particular dirigible that covers lots of playoff and high-leverage sporting events.

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