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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for June 26, 2013

Today's link dump features rookie expectations and how not to answer the door when the police come knocking.

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Happy Wednesday morning to all of you Packers fans out there! I'm back for today's curds, which feature more of ESPN's silly "future" rankings, but this time they focus on individual positions. We also have a great film study on one of the Packers' primary defensive formations and look at two different ways to handle adversity: one is to persevere through it with class, and the other is to destroy your cell phone and home security system. On to the links!

Resilient Gilbert Peña thankful for NFL chance - JSOnline
There's no way to avoid rooting for this guy. I really hope Peña has a great training camp and makes the roster - or at least the practice squad. On a wholly unrelated note, I also want the Gilbert Burger to come back.

Packers Playbook, Part 2: The Eagle Defense | AllGreenBayPackers.Com
Chad from Jersey Al's does a great job of breaking down the Packers' "Eagle" defensive setup, which is one of their primary base 3-4 formations. It's a great read if you want to understand the difference between the 3-technique end and the 5-tech.

Expectations for Each Green Bay Packers Draft Choice in 2013 | Cheesehead TV
These are very reasonable expectations for each of the Packers' 2013 draftees, and the piece gives a great look at how they can make an impact, or in other cases just make the roster.

NFL - Earl Thomas leads top 10 safeties for 2016 - ESPN
This is behind the paywall, but I'll fill you in: Morgan Burnett ranks in at 10th on the list. The Vikings' Harrison Smith ranks fifth, however.

NFL - Patrick Peterson, Richard Sherman among top 10 cornerbacks for 2016 - ESPN
Like above, it's a paywall article, but Casey Hayward comes in at 6th on Herm Edwards' list.

Aaron Hernandez taken into police custody Wednesday morning -
This whole thing just keeps getting more and more absurd, but we now know that Hernandez has actually been arrested (and he answers the door shirtless, no less).

Denard Robinson given new Jaguars position - Big Cat Country
Apparently "Offensive Weapon" is now a thing. I wonder if the NFL will set numbering rules for this newfangled position.

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