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APC Lunch Break: Calling All Packers Stockholders

The Packers are different from all other major sports teams, and that fundamental difference is the subject of today's lunch break discussion.

Andy Lyons

The Green Bay Packers have the distinct honor and unique quality of being the only team in North American professional sports that is owned by the fans. I am of course an owner, having bought in during the most recent round of stock sales in late 2011. After all, I would feel woefully unqualified to manage a blog about the Packers if I were not an owner myself. For those of you who have made your way here and who are owners yourselves, we ask you today to answer the following question:

Where and how do you display your Green Bay Packers stock certificate?

We imagine that many people have an elaborate display of their stock, with the certificate itself being framed ornately and surrounded by other Packers memorabilia. Is it in your living room, your basement, a rec room, an office, or perhaps a man cave decked out with Green Bay gear all over the walls?

Personally, I just have mine in a simple black frame, hanging in my living room with this Packers heritage pennant hanging nearby.

If you have any pictures of a fun setup with your stock on display, we encourage you to send them to us or include them in the comments below.

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