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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for June 28, 2013

In today's curds, we ask why nearly a quarter of people offered Packers tickets would decline the opportunity to buy them.

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Jonathan Daniel

Welcome to Friday, everyone! We have a number of interesting topics on the docket to discuss today, but we'll kick it off with one of the more random sets of curds we've posted in recent memory. I can't think of another instance in which we have posted links to both Buzzfeed and Deadspin in the same day, but then again yesterday was no normal day around the internets. Let's do it!

New Lambeau Field seats claimed, near completion | Packersnews |
"Aaron Popkey, the Packers’ director of public affairs, said that of the 5,000-plus offered tickets, about 77 percent bought them." 23% of people who were offered Packers season tickets TURNED THEM DOWN? WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?

Five Years of PFF Grades: Top 10 Edge Rushers | Pro Football Focus
Not surprisingly, Clay Matthews makes the list. His ranking seemed a bit low to me until I realized that he has played one fewer season than every other player in this top 10.

Five Years of PFF Grades: Top 10 Cornerbacks | Pro Football Focus
Two more Packers make appearances here, and while the multi-talented Charles Woodson gets top billing of the two, Tramon Williams makes the list thanks to ridiculously good performances in 2009 and 2010. With his struggles over the past two years, it's sometimes tough to remember how obscenely good he was during the Super Bowl run.

Aaron Rodgers Makes It Really Hard For Rival Fans To Hate Aaron Rodgers - Buzzfeed
And really easy for Packers fans to love him.

Redskins' Indian-Chief Defender: Not A Chief, Probably Not Indian - Deadspin
Oh my. The latest defender trotted out by Dan Snyder to stick up for the Redskins' name is not remotely what he claims to be.

Russell Wilson: What's in store for Seahawks QB in Year 2? -
I've long since forgiven him for the Fail Mary game. Golden Tate and Pete Carroll, not so much.

Operation Patch Drop - Big Cat Country
This is a really cool idea from the SBNation Jaguars' blog. Our thanks go out to the Jaguars fans, Packers fans, and everyone else who serves in the military.

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