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Cheese Curds: Daily Green Bay Packers News and Links for June 3, 2013

We return from a slow weekend with links on a legendary Packers coach and several Packers big men.

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Happy Monday, everyone! This weekend might be the slowest for football news in the history of history. Anyway, we're back with some curds for you this morning and a few interesting or curious tidbits from around the internets.

Packers' Mike Neal gives linebacker spot a try - JSOnline
He says he's lost a little weight - not much, but a bit to help him get a little more agile.

After solid 2012, Raji hopes to turn up pressure | Packersnews |
Raji's a big man, and he wants a big cereal!

Battle-tested Bulaga ready for next challenge | Packersnews |
I can't imagine it's a tough sell on a right tackle to move over to left - if Bulaga is awesome there, can earn more money on the left side.

Curly Lambeau: No. 10 all time on ESPN list - NFC North Blog - ESPN
Something tells me we'll all be able to guess who #1 is.

Eight in the Box: Playing for a contract - NFC North Blog - ESPN
It seems to me that Raji has the most to lose or gain from his performance this year, but all the players Seifert mentioned need big years to cash in.

Lane opens for Terrell Owens in the PBA - JSOnline
LOL. There's nothing else to say but LOL.

NFL Un-Power Rankings: The worst is still first, could the Seahawks stay in last place? -
"In the playoffs, (the Packers) beat Minnesota and Joe Webb, the first professional football player who was literally a game piece from the electric football board game." Priceless.