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Packers Minicamp Schedule: Open Practices Tuesday and Wednesday

Who's heading down to practice?

Mary Langenfeld-US PRESSWIRE

Today, the Green Bay Packers begin their mandatory off-season minicamp, a three-day practice and team-building session at which all players are expected to be present. As in recent years under the Ted Thompson/Mike McCarthy regime, the team is expected to hold on-field practices today and tomorrow that will be open to the public, while spending the third day of camp on Thursday in an off-the-field exercise. Last year, for example, the team went skeet shooting on their off day.

The schedule for minicamp is relatively simple:

Tuesday, June 4th: open practice, 11:30 AM CDT, Clarke Hinkle Field

Wednesday, June 5th: open practice, 11:30 AM CDT, Clarke Hinkle Field

Note that the location of both practices is dependent on the weather; if inclement weather is in the area, it is likely that the practices would be moved inside the Don Hutson Center and would therefore be closed to the public (but open to the media). Let us know in the comments if you're planning on heading down to practice today!

UPDATE: The Press-Gazette is still expecting that practice will indeed be held outside and be open to the public, despite some light rain possible today.

UPDATE #2: Never mind. Practice is closed again.

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