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APC Lunch Break: Training Camp Memories

Tell us your favorite memory from Packers' training camp and see what Tex looks back fondly upon.


You've probably noticed over the past few weekdays that we have been adding a new feature here on APC, one that we plan on continuing. We're calling it the "Lunch Break", and we plan on asking a question of the members of the APC community each day around lunch time to spark some discussion and debate.

Today's question is this: what are your favorite memories from Green Bay Packers' training camp?

Is it the fact that the players ride children's bicycles down the street from Lambeau Field to the practice field? Was there ever one particular play or player who stood out to you during practice itself? Did you ever get a special item autographed by members of the team? Whatever it is, let us know in the comments!

Personally, my favorite memory was from the 1999 preseason. I had a hat and permanent marker and was convinced that I was going to get Brett Favre's autograph on the hat. I didn't and I was disappointed when he left the practice field without signing any autographs that day. That day, I only was able to get two autographs, and I was excited about one: kicker Ryan Longwell signed my hat. The other was a rookie wide receiver named Donald Driver. Needless to say, I didn't fully appreciate how great that autograph was until a few years later, when Driver became a starting wideout and eventually the Packers' career leader in receptions and receiving yards.

Tell us your favorite memory from training camp!

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