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Packers Take Day Off From Minicamp Practice to Play Dodgeball

The team continued an annual minicamp tradition by blowing off some steam on the final day of camp.

Imagine this, but with a giant red, rubber ball aimed squarely at your chest.
Imagine this, but with a giant red, rubber ball aimed squarely at your chest.

As has been the team's custom over the past few years, the Green Bay Packers decided to wrap up the third and final day of the team's mandatory minicamp not with an on-field practice, but with a non-football-related teambuilding activity. Thanks to the tweeting of one member of the team, defensive lineman Jerel Worthy, we now know what that activity was on Thursday:

That's right, the Packers traded in their helmets and shoulder pads for dodgeballs and focused on hitting each other in a bit of a different manner on Thursday. My biggest question about the event is how were the teams split up? Was it offense vs. defense? Rookies vs. veterans? Starters vs. reserves? What about splitting the field into right and left halves?

Was Josh Sitton chucking rubber balls at B.J. Raji instead of blocking him, or was he instead firing them at the head of his buddy T.J. Lang? Perhaps Aaron Rodgers was firing bullets into the chest of his receivers with the intent of making them impossible to catch rather than the opposite. Were Mason Crosby and Tim Masthay allowed to kick the balls to get opponents out instead of throwing them? (No jokes about Crosby's accuracy, please.) THESE ARE SERIOUS QUESTIONS FOR WHICH WE NEED ANSWERS!

This follows closely with the team's recent tradition of participating in a non-football related activity on the final day of camp. Last year the team went shooting for clay pigeons, for example.

Personally, I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of a fastball from Rodgers or B.J. Coleman. Hopefully they took it easy on their teammates.

UPDATE: Come on, T.J., nobody likes a Twitter tough guy! Let's get some video!

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