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APC Lunch Break: Best Packers Fan Attire

We ask about your favorite costumes or Packers gear in today's lunch hour.

Tom Lynn

We took a day off from our lunch break posts yesterday, but we're back with another discussion today. Take a load off from your work day and come discuss with us the following questions:

1. What is your single favorite item of Packers clothing that you own?
2. What is the best Packers-related outfit or item of clothing that you have ever seen?

My answer to question number one is probably my Don Beebe jersey (the story of which you can find here). I love that thing, and the story behind it makes it easily the most memorable jersey that I own. Outside of that, my favorite item would probably be rather simple - a basic, green Packers hat that has gone with me everywhere over the past year.

As for question two, I have to refer back to an acquaintance of mine for inspiration. If you've visited Lambeau Field or Miller Park over the past few years (or the Kohl Center for a hockey game in the late 2000s), you have probably seen the large custom foam hats like the one in the photo above. The maker of these hats has a website at, where you can look through photo galleries of many of the various custom lids he has created for Wisconsin sports fans, special events, and more. Sure, I'm biased because I own a pair of his hats and have received media attention for them (see the Olympics pictures), but that doesn't make them any less awesome.

Now it's your turn. Tell us about your favorite Packers items in the comments below.

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