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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for July 10, 2013

Today's Packers links cover a birthday, Matthew Stafford's new contract, and the silliness that is the Cleveland Browns.


We took a one-day break from Curds yesterday, but we're back today with Packers news from around the internets. First up is a birthday wish for a young Packer from the team's twitter account:

Want to feel old? House is entering his third NFL season and just turned 24 years old today.

Here's some more relevant (and some not-so-relevant) news from around the NFL.

A crossroads season for NFC North QBs - NFC North Blog - ESPN
Well, two of them anyway. It would have been three, but Seifert posted this before the next bit of news was announced.

Matthew Stafford officially signs contract extension with Lions - Pride Of Detroit
The news was broken yesterday afternoon about the two sides reaching a deal, and now it's official. Does his $15 million per year make you feel better about Aaron Rodgers getting $19 million annually? Because it feels like we got a great deal on QB12.

Rodgers' deal likely set bar for Stafford's extension with Lions | Packersnews
Of course, Wes Hod beat me to the punch on a Rodgers vs. Stafford comparison. I was going to write something up but let's face it - Wes makes the case just fine without any help.

2013 was a very good year for NFL quarterbacks -
Here's a good recap of all the extensions that have been thrown around to QBs during the NFL's silly season.

Cleveland Browns revamping fan experience with Wiener Dog Races -
I know most Packers fans are familiar with the Brewers' sausage races, but the Browns are taking the concept to an entirely different place.

Last requests to our favorite teams -
The Cleveland Browns honored one fan's last wish. SBNation asked a few other sports fans what a team could do for their final sendoff, and a few of these are pretty great. What would be your final request of the Packers?

Stay tuned for our predictions on the wide receivers in a little while!

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