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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for July 11, 2013

Today's Packers news covers the battle at cornerback, a starting lineup analysis, and a look at why Aaron Rodgers should still be the first QB taken off the board in fantasy drafts.

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Welcome to Thursday, everyone! We have our tight end previews going up today, but before we get to those articles we have your daily link dump. Today in Packers news, we see a legend criticizing the techniques used by modern players, a discussion of starters across the board, and some info if you're looking for Packers tickets this fall.

Packers defensive backs vying for two spots - JSOnline
This is just a wonderful problem to have. I have a hunch that Davon House will make a big impact this year.

Robinson wraps up thoughts on poor tackling - JSOnline
"When I played, when you made contact with a guy on the 20-yard line, if he got to the 18, you'd be sitting on the bench right next to Vince Lombardi." Great stuff from a great linebacker who's finally getting his day in Canton this year.

Neil's NFL Daily: Lions/Packers breakdown - Pro Football Focus
The PFF guys break down the Packers' "starting" lineups with a look at the quality of players on the field. I'm not sure I necessarily agree with some of these player assessments (Sitton not a "blue-chip" caliber player?) but it's an interesting look at the team.

QB Pressure Profiles: NFC North - Pro Football Focus
Here's another good one that breaks down how the division's QBs perform under pressure. Surprise: Rodgers is good. Another shocker: he struggles most when he holds the ball too long.

Fantasy Football - Dissecting the value of scrambling QBs - Fantasy Football - ESPN Insider
Yeah, people underrate how helpful Rodgers' running ability is to his fantasy value. He had more fantasy points on scramble plays than all but three other NFL QBs. He also crushes the competition when looking at throws on the run.

SBNation's new partnership with Ticketmaster -
This is pretty neat. Hit the "Tickets" link on the top bar to find tickets to any Packer games. Or, you know, wait 80 years on the season ticket list. Your choice.

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