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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for July 17, 2013

In today's Packers news roundup, we find information about the Packers' financial state and net value, as well as a host of links discussing contract extensions, rivalries, and more.

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DE Datone Jones and OLB Jarvis Reed work out at OTAs.
DE Datone Jones and OLB Jarvis Reed work out at OTAs.

Happy hump day to all you Packers fans out there! We have only eight days until the Packers report to training camp, but until then the news is few and far between. That said, since we've been unable to get Cheese Curds up for you all week until today, you've got a double batch of links to keep you going for a little while.

Packers score record revenue, profits in 2012-13 | Press-Gazette
And the beauty of this is that the $54 million-plus in profits doesn't go straight into some rich guy's pocket - every bit of it goes back into the team or Lambeau Field.

9. Is Datone Jones the answer at defensive end for the Packers? - JSOnline
Here's the Journal-Sentinel's take on Jones and the big questions surrounding his arrival in Green Bay.

Packers find several good deals since 1959 - JSOnline
This is somewhat interesting - a look at the best trades since the Lombardi era. Personally, I thought the Al Harris deal would be higher, but I'm biased because I remember my excitement about that deal when it happened and Harris became one of my favorite Packers.

Forbes: Packers 18th most valuable sports franchise in world - JSOnline
But to us, it's priceless.

Latest Jennings Interview Goes Beyond Joking, Implies Rodgers Disrespect | Cheesehead TV
I'm just going to come out and say it - I think the big deal being made about this stuff is all dumb. They're rivals now. Whether they're friends off the field or not doesn't really matter.

Packers Calendar: Aaron Rodgers Up for an ESPY Award | Cheesehead TV
If Rodgers wins "Best NFL Player" over Adrian Peterson, I'll be shocked.

With Morgan Burnett Re-signed, Who's Next? - Lombardi Ave
I agree with most of the factors described here, but I would add one more: consistency. That's why I would have a tough time putting Finley even in the top 5 until he shows that he's the same player that (or better than) he was in the second half last year.

Cowboys, Dolphins open NFL training camp season -
Dot-com slash NFL has the list of every training camp location as well as report dates for each team in the league.

Nike pulls Carolina Panthers T-shirt with South Carolina outline - ESPN
Nicely done, Nike. Apparently nobody on their design team has ever seen a map of the southeastern United States.

The Jets quarterback controversy is the story we've all been waiting for -
This is a reminder not to take our incredible string of luck with quarterbacks over the last 20-plus years for granted.

Enjoy your Wednesday, and keep your eyes peeled for our outside linebacker roster predictions early this afternoon.

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