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Packers Lunch Break: Which NFL Team Do You Hate Losing to the Most?

We ask you to tell us which of the Packers' rivals makes you the most angry after a loss.

Jonathan Daniel

Every league has its biggest rivalries, and every team of course has its biggest rivalries. Packers-Bears, Redskins-Cowboys, et cetera. However, there is of course a difference between a rival team and a team that the fans just cannot stand losing to. Perhaps it is the attitude of their fans or their team that rubs us the wrong way. Maybe it's that one person, a star player or a coach or an owner who we just find revolting and who irritates us like no other. Does having family members who are fans of another team play a part? Today's question addresses this issue by asking you to fill in the following blank:

I hate it more when the Green Bay Packers lose to the ______________ than when they lose to any other team.

Obviously, we hate it any time the Packers lose, but there are probably certain teams that stand out in your mind. Is it the division rival Bears, Vikings, or Lions? How about the Giants, who have knocked Green Bay out of the playoffs multiple times over the last decade? Maybe you can't stand losing to the Cowboys, who seemed to be the one team that the Packers of the early 90's could not overcome?

For me, this boils down to three options: the Bears, Vikings, and Cowboys. Growing up in Wisconsin meant that I was raised to dislike all Minnesota and Chicago teams, and the fact that the teams from those two places are both division rivals is a critical factor. However, the Vikings get the edge for divisional teams because of two factors: my relatives who are Vikings fans and Randy Moss.

The Cowboys need to be in the discussion as well, however. I was growing up at a time when they were the biggest obstacle to the Packers' appearing in the Super Bowl. Three years in a row, they knocked Green Bay out of the playoffs - twice in the divisional round after the 1993 and '94 seasons and then in the '95 NFC Championship Game. Those losses made me bitter towards Dallas, as did my family's distaste for the loudmouth Cowboys of the era - the likes of Michael Irvin, Deion Sanders, and Leon Lett. What really drove me crazy, however, was the fact that several of my childhood friends became bandwagon Cowboys fans, cheering for them as kids solely because they were one of the best teams. (I distinctly remember slapping the cheesehead off of one of those guys who decided to switch allegiances during the Packers' run to Super Bowl XXXI.)

But all in all, family ties as usual trump everything. While I enjoy a little good-natured trash talk with my family when the Packers win, nothing irks me more than listening to them gloat about a Vikings' win over Green Bay.

Tell us which team makes you the most upset after a Packers loss.

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