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APC Lunch Break: What is the craziest thing you've done following a Packer loss?

What has "The Passion of the Pack" caused you to do following a big Packer loss?

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It is nobody's secret that the Green Bay Packers possess one of the most passionate fan bases in the history of sports. Like many other sports franchises, the Packers have fans from all over the world. However, there is a difference... I can't quite put my finger on it, but there is a difference. Just about every other team has this thing called "____ Nation." There is Steeler Nation, Raider Nation, Laker Nation and the list goes on and on. But there is just something about Packer Nation (or G-Force or whatever you may call it) that makes the fans with the hats of cheese (and the readers of the Curds) stand out just a little bit more than fans of other franchises.

I know that there are passionate fans of other teams as well but this is APC. I am just curious about the passion of our readers when it comes to the Packers -- and more specifically, when they lose big games. I have been actively covering sports for about three years for various news outlets. Unfortunately, when you get to actually cover sports you don't really cheer as much anymore, which can take some of the fun away at times, especially when attending a game as a fan.

I have seen some devastating Packer losses during my time and I have done some crazy things following those losses in the past. There is the age-old, "I don't care about the NFL anymore" lie - especially in the playoffs when you know you're going to watch the next week. I used to have my rants back in my earlier days on Twitter. With all of that, I would say that the most ridiculous thing I've done following a Packer loss occurred after the 2009 Wild Card round against the Arizona Cardinals. Very frustrating, yet magnificent game to watch. Chris Berman aptly called it "The Roaster in the Toaster." (Roaster = High Scoring. Toaster = University of Phoenix Stadium.) If you remember, the game went 51-45 Cards and it was brutal. Kurt Warner lit up the Packers' defense for 379 yards and five touchdowns. He seemed so elusive in the pocket that night while Aaron Rodgers was sacked five times.

The worst part was that such a great game ended on a fumble that bounced off of Rodgers' foot, right into the hands of an eager Karlos Dansby, who trotted 17 yards into the endzone to end the game.

Following the game, I needed someone (or something) to be angry at. I would consider myself to be a very rational person so I wasn't going to break my TV or anything totally stupid and regretful. I DIDN'T CRY but I did want to be somewhat destructive so what I ended up doing was literally tearing the image of Larry Fitzgerald off of my Madden NFL 10 case (the one he's on with Troy Polamalu). I cut him out of the book and even got his likeness off of the disk to the game. Following that offseason, I had a hard time trying not to see Fitz, who was everywhere on television. Frankly, Larry Fitzgerald was not a welcome guest at my home for about six months following that game. (You're welcome now, Larry I'm not mad anymore.)

In retrospect, the game was an instant classic as it was the highest scoring postseason game in NFL history. It was one of the last games I actually ended up being upset about. It was also a reminder of why rebuilding the offensive line is so critical, even today. I want to know, what was the craziest thing you've done following a big Packers loss? Who was it against and did you cry? Have at it Packer Nation!

Bonus Video:

Girl crying after loss to NYG: She blames her friend. This is probably a classic now.

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