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Packers Sign Datone Jones; All Draft Picks Signed

The Packers inked Datone Jones, their final unsigned rookie, to a four-year contract today.


Everybody can relax now. The Green Bay Packers and their 2013 first-round draft pick, defensive end Datone Jones, have agreed to a contract which will ensure that Jones is a full participant in the team's 2013 training camp.'s Mike Garafolo tweeted out the news of the signing, after which the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's Tom Silverstein brought us the details

As Garafolo notes, it was Jones' birthday, so what better way to celebrate than signing a deal that will pay him over $6 million?

In any case, this locks Jones up through the 2016 season, and the Packers will have their full complement of rookies in camp. Jones likely will have less of a learning curve this off-season than some other Packers rookies, since he played in a similar 3-4 system under Jim Mora, Jr. at UCLA, but every Packers fan hoped that he would be signed before camp starts regardless. My hat is off to whichever kid is the first one to get Jones to ride his bike over to practice on Friday!

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