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APC Lunch Break: Best Individual Packer's Performance of the Rodgers Era

We ask you to look back over the Packers' past few years to remember which one player put together the most memorable single-game performance.

Bob Levey

The Green Bay Packers have had a number of impressive individual performances over the past several years. Quarterback Aaron Rodgers has been responsible for a large proportion of those, especially over the past two seasons, but he is hardly alone. Today, we will ask you to consider the following:

What was the best single-game performance by an individual Packer in the regular season over the past five years?

Now since we're leaving the playoffs out of it, that means you cannot vote for Rodgers' performance in Super Bowl XLV, his 31-for-36 day against the Falcons in the 2010 Divisional round, or Jermichael Finley's ridiculous game against Arizona in the 2009 Wild-Card round. Here are a few options for you to choose from.

Aaron Rodgers vs. Houston Texans, Week 6, 2012
Passing: 24-37, 338 yards, 6 touchdowns
Rushing: 2 attempts, 17 yards

Matt Flynn vs. Detroit Lions, Week 17, 2011
Passing: 31-44, 480 yards, 6 TDs, 1 INT

Aaron Rodgers vs. New York Giants, Week 16, 2010
Passing: 25-37, 404 yards, 4 touchdowns
Rushing: 2 attempts, 26 yards

Greg Jennings @ Minnesota Vikings, Week 11, 2010
Receiving: 7 catches, 152 yards, 3 TDs

Ryan Grant @ Chicago Bears, Week 14, 2009
Rushing: 20 attempts, 137 yards, 2 TDs
Receiving: 2 catches, 7 yards

Charles Woodson vs. Dallas Cowboys, Week 10, 2009
9 tackles (8 solo, 2.0 TFL), 1.0 sacks, 1 interception, 2 forced fumbles

Sometimes just a single play can make a performance memorable rather than a full game's worth of them. That's why I'm including these options as well:

Donald Driver vs. San Francisco 49ers, Week 12, 2010
Receiving: 4 catches, 73 yards, 1 ridiculous touchdown

Randall Cobb vs. New Orleans Saints, Week 1, 2011
Receiving: 2 catches, 35 yards, 1 TD
Kick Returns: 2 returns, 135 yards, 1 barrel roll, 1 touchdown (108 yards)

So who gets the honor? I only chose one game from each player (not including Rodgers), so please tell me if I chose a different game for a particular player than you would have.

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