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Packers Roster Predictions - Quarterbacks: Harrell Backs Up Rodgers Again

We release our first roster predictions of the summer, and the projection at quarterback may disappoint some Packers fans expecting big things from a young backup candidate.

Jonathan Daniel

This morning, we kicked off our breakdown of the Green Bay Packers roster by taking a look at the players under contract at the quarterback position. Now it is time to release our predictions for which players will make the roster.

In the interest of explaining the process, we had five writers submit their full roster predictions, complete with projected starters and backups. We took the number of players at each position that were chosen most frequently, and the individual players who were put on the roster most often. At the quarterback position, it was a unanimous decision that only two QBs would make the active roster, but the decision about who would get the job was not as clear.

Quarterbacks on the 53-man roster: TWO

Projected Starter: Aaron Rodgers

No surprise here. If any one of our writers had projected a different quarterback to be the starter this season, I'd have fired him on the spot. Rodgers is as sure of a thing as you can get in the NFL, as long as he stays healthy.

Projected Backup: Graham Harrell

Undoubtedly, some readers will be disappointed that we have projected Harrell as the backup instead of B.J. Coleman. However, Harrell earned four votes to Coleman's one to get our overall nod for the job. While I am the one who cast the lone vote for Coleman, I can still see the logic in the others' choices. Harrell knows the Packers' offense better than Coleman, and he'll get a chance to show that his command of the huddle is still better than the youngster's. He also put up a very solid performance in the final preseason game last year. If he continues to show improvement, he may well limit Coleman to another season on the practice squad or potentially to get picked up by another NFL team.

Left Off the Roster

B.J. Coleman, Matt Brown

It's a numbers game, so Coleman and Brown will both have to be released. With needs at other positions, none of us felt it prudent to keep both Coleman and Harrell on the roster, so it was a question of one or the other.

Coming up on Tuesday: Jason takes on the Running Back position.

Check out the full roster preview schedule here, which we will keep updated with links to each article

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