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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for August 1, 2013

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Today's links include a profile of Ted Thompson and his impact on the NFL, Jermichael Finley's closed mouth, and more.

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Congratulations, Packers fans - you have made it to August, and there are just eight days until we see the Green and Gold in real football action against another team. Until then, we have another several days of practice, including today when the Packers take the field once again in pads at 8:20 AM. Check out the links below, then head back here later today for your notes from practice.

Bill Barnwell on Ted Thompson's influence in the NFL - Grantland
This is a remarkable view of Ted Thompson's strategy in a nutshell and why it works so well. It should be required reading for Packers fans and, really, for fans of any NFL team.

Under Packers' watchful eye, Jermichael Finley projects new image - JSOnline
I'm sure many fans will be looking forward to Finley zipping up his comments to the media and focusing on football. I will be far more interested in what Finley does on the field than what he doesn't do off it.

Packers’ Harrell connects on ‘shot’ play -
Here's your daily reminder that the backup QB battle isn't settled - not by a long shot.

Nick Barnett, Washington Redskins agree to contract -
Good for Nick - I'll be rooting for him for 15 games this season (week 2 excepted, of course).

Chicago Bears 2013 Position Battles: Offensive Line - Windy City Gridiron
The often-maligned Bears O-line is the subject of some discussion over at WCG, and they give some detail on the players involved in the training camp battle for the right to help keep Jay Cutler upright.

Clay Matthews Takes Packers Rookie David Bakhtiari Under His Wing | Cheesehead TV
This is great - a veteran teaching a rookie the ropes, even though they know they'll be competing against each other in training camp. If that isn't a great sign of leadership by the Claymaker, I don't know what is.

Pro Bowl is a joke, even with new format; end it now - Lombardi Ave
Yeah. you won't get much argument from me on this.

There you have it - all the Packers news that's fit to print.

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