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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for August 16, 2013

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Happy Friday, everyone! Today, the news is all about Mike Neal.


Apparently, Mike Neal is the name of the day around the Green Bay Packers' internet coverage. Neal is getting a lot of attention for his dual role at defensive end and outside linebacker, and we have all sorts of analysis on what it actually means for the Packers' defense and Neal himself. So sit back, get your clicking finger working, and get on with the links!

Banjo ("like the instrument") starting to be heard - JSOnline
Oh, headline writer, I see what you did there. But with Banjo's play over the past week, he's firmly vaulted himself into the running for a spot on the practice squad.

Packers practice report: Van Roten's chance - NFC North Blog - ESPN
If something happens that causes Evan Dietrich-Smith to miss any length of time, you have permission to panic.

'Beast' Daniels in the mix on unusually deep defensive line | Packersnews
Move over, Marshawn Lynch. There's a new "Beast Mode" rolling into town.

Notebook: Greene sold on Neal's dual role | Packersnews |
Kevin Greene sums up Mike Neal the way only Kevin Greene can: "Explosibility"!! If that doesn't become Neal's nickname immediately, I will be very disappointed.

Point of Veau: Mike Neal to Free Up Clay Matthews to Spy Mobile QBs | Cheesehead TV
This is a fascinating theory...and it makes a ton of sense. If it's indeed the reason for Neal's shift, it could be a huge help to the Packers' versatility on defense against players like Colin Kaepernick or Robert Griffin.

Four Packers Veterans who Could be Surprise Cuts this Year - Lombardi Ave - A Green Bay Packers Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and more.
We were talking about this idea in a comment thread yesterday, so the timing is great. However, I see no way that Mike Neal gets left off the roster, especially given his aforementioned explosibility.

Inspirational artwork in celebration of the Patriots' forthcoming Brett Favre Era -
It's not Troll Tuesday, but it's Jon Bois, and that's pretty close to the same thing, especially when Favre is involved.

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