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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for August 19, 2013

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Monday's curds cover players on the bubble for the Packers' roster and a pair of safeties who had to leave the game too soon.


Happy Packers victory Monday, everybody! It's our first one of those for the 2013 season, and I'm sure you're all as excited about it as I am! Yeah, yeah, I know it doesn't count. It still feels good, though! Anyway, as the preseason rolls on, we have a number of links about players fighting for roster spots, as well as some articles on former Packers greats whose careers ended too soon.

Bob McGinn - Johnathan Franklin running nowhere during Packers camp - JSOnline
Argh. I really want to see Franklin succeed, as I'm sure all of us do, but it's a struggle so far.

Butler on abrupt transition out of game: 'I tried to prepare myself' | Packersnews
Part 1 of the Press-Gazette's miniseries on safeties retiring too early due to injury.

Collins struggles to come to grips with a career cut short | Packersnews
Here's part two. We miss you, Nick.

Scouting out Improvement - ESPN Wisconsin
On Saturday, B.J. Coleman showed the poise and arm that many of us hoped to see from him earlier this year. Hopefully he can string together another set of performances like that in the last two preseason games.

Stoneburner the New Cris Carter? - ESPN Wisconsin
No, but that TD he pulled down on Saturday was a nice effort and was the first trip to the end zone of the year for the Packers, so good for him.

Jolly Makes Impact with Big Plays, But Will It Be Enough? | Cheesehead TV
An interesting question, and one that we'll have to wait another 12 days to answer.

Pam Oliver takes a pass off the face -
This is pretty hilarious. It's okay, we can laugh, Pam laughed it off later on.

Now let's start off the week with a bang. Have a great Monday!

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