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APC Community Fantasy Football Reminder

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Didn't get into the official APC league? Set up leagues with fellow APCers here!

See a pattern here?
See a pattern here?
Scott Boehm

About a week ago, we told you about the official Acme Packing Company fantasy football league that we have set up over at Yahoo! Sports. Unfortunately, we were only able to accommodate a few players, far fewer than the number of requests.

Thankfully, we have some motivated and excited Packers fans among us, and many of them have decided to open leagues of their own! Therefore, if you have not yet had a chance to sign up for a league, we will open up the comments below for anyone and everyone to organize their own fantasy leagues, using whatever rules and draft styles you like.

Want an auction draft? There was already one of those leagues that has filled up. How about playing two quarterbacks? Again, covered. I bet you could even get a group of people together to play PPR and individual defensive players if you really put your mind to it!

As you know, Yahoo! Sports has some of the best tools on the internet for fantasy football research, predictions, and league management, and their mobile app is great too. Head over to their website to get your league started!

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