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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for August 21, 2013

Today's Packers link dump reminds you that there's a place for the fullback in today's NFL, that players get over controversial plays easier than fans, and that having "Football 101 for Women" events is just dumb.

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Jamie Squire

Welcome to Wednesday, everyone! Today we'll start previewing Friday's preseason game between our Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks, but first it's time to take a little spin around the internet looking for dirt on the Green and Gold.

There's always room for John Kuhn with Packers - JSOnline
Interesting...I'm not so sure that I agree.

Notes - James Starks takes plunge in Packers' running-back depth chart - JSOnline
Starks looked good for a week or so ... aaaaaaaand he's gone.

Thompson confident Sherrod will play this season | Packersnews
But how well or how soon, he wouldn't say.

M.D. Jennings trying to get over Seattle game - ESPN
The best thing about this article is this quote from Jerron McMillian: "You’ve seen me the majority of the time at the line of scrimmage, playing in the slot. When I do get the opportunity to play back deep, not a lot happens at the time."

Tavecchio gives Crosby needed kick - ESPN Wisconsin
If Mason Crosby earns the kicking job, and I mean really earns it, will anyone really remember that Tavecchio gave him a run for his money early on in camp?

Point of Veau: Aside from Finley, Packers Tight Ends are a Mess | Cheesehead TV
No disagreement here. We've been waiting for a couple of these guys to break out for a while now, and perhaps their lack of production will pave the way for a Brandon Bostick or Jake Stoneburner to sneak his way onto the 53-man roster this season.

The (virtual) legend of Brian Finneran -
It appears that video game makers have a sense of humor about their past mistakes (or the past mistakes of their predecessors). Yes, Brian Finneran circa Madden 2004 is second starting wideout on the All-Time Madden team

Do not attempt to help women enjoy football -
"Hi. Don't ever try to write a football article explaining football to women. If they're football fans, they know about football. They watch it, too." Brilliantly put as always, Spencer Hall.

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