The importance of the preseason game vs. the Seahawks

I am a die hard Packer fan in Seattle, and this upcoming game with the Seahawks has extra importance not only because I have to listen to obnoxious Seahawk fans crowing about their team, but because it will be a good test of what kind of team we have brewing this season. The Seahawks and their fans are talking Super Bowl this season, and they seem to have been built up by John Schneider (former front office Packer)in the same manner as TT has built the Packers. Both teams should be playing starters for a good portion of the game so we will see how are # 1's fare against the Seahawks # 1's. The big question I have for Packer fans is do we as fans overvalue our players because they are Packers? For example last year Tori Gurley and Diondre Borel were picked as almost sure bets to make the team...or course neither did, and neither player has successfully made it elsewhere. The Seahawks are similarly loaded with talent, and each roster candidate is talked up here as if they are sure fire roster candidates/future pro bowlers in much the same way we follow the what do others think? Further example...the Seahawks just traded ex-UW John Moffitt for a canon folder type player...and now that he is gone Moffitt is labeled a bust...when last week he was a solid potential which is it, and do Packer fans do the same thing?

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