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Jets Sign Former Packers Backup Graham Harrell

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The recently-released Harrell has received his second shot in the NFL, according to

Graham is the in jam in New York
Graham is the in jam in New York

It was just last Saturday when the Packers decided to let go of quarterback Graham Harrell after he struggled mightily heading into the conclusion of another preseason. After being outplayed by the competition, Vince Young and B.J. Coleman, over the course of the past few weeks, Harrell was given the pink slip.

It only took three days for Harrell to get his next opportunity with an NFL team. Late Tuesday night,'s Alex Marvez reported that Harrell has agreed to a contract with the New York Jets and is now in the mix on Broadway.

The Jets drafted Geno Smith in April and they hope that he will continue to develop behind (or ahead of) the incumbent starter Mark Sanchez. There are questions regarding the NFL readiness of Smith and Sanchez has been dealing with a shoulder injury lately, which leaves the Jets essentially drawing straws to decide who will be their opening week starter. Harrell will join Sanchez and Smith, as well as Greg McElroy and Matt Sims as they head into the final week of the preseason.

One thing that Harrell has going for him is the fact that he is a fresh face with a reputation and a name (mostly from college) heading into a brand new situation. He joins one of the most seemingly unstable NFL franchises with one of the most unstable quarterback depth charts. This should in theory work in his favor, giving him a decent chance at making the roster depending on how he will pick up the offense. On the other hand, Harrell isn't looking very good. Hopefully, that will miraculously turn around when the bright New York lights are shined down on him.

At least Harrell will fit right in with the Jets' other quarterbacks:




Womp womp. Harrell joins Sanchez and Smith in that their lasting memories which are occupying the minds of most NFL fans involve embarrassing failures. We certainly hope that Harrell at least can overcome that one play, but if he does so this year it will be while he wears green and white rather than green and gold.

As for the Packers, they will move on at quarterback and it is looking quite clear that Vince Young will be the team's primary backup behind Aaron Rodgers while Coleman will remain on with the practice squad. The Packers will continue to settle the rest of their positional battles this week as they head into  matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs. Harrell will report to Jets camp on Wednesday.

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