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286 Former Packers Named in Connection with NFL Concussion Lawsuit Settlement

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Hundreds of players who spent time in a Packer uniform will be receiving compensation as the NFL settled the lawsuits relating to concussions out of court today.

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Today, the NFL reached a settlement with the thousands of former players who had been seeking damages as a result of head injuries. Each player will reportedly be receiving money and medical care. As one of the longest-running franchises in the league, the Green Bay Packers had one of the largest numbers of players represented in the settlement, and the full list of players named in the suit was obtained by the Washington Times and is accessible here.

Here are some of the most prominent former Packers who are involved:

Name Position Retirement Year
Darren Sharper S 2010
Ahman Green RB 2010
Allen Rossum CB/KR 2009
Mike Flanagan C 2007
Ross Verba T 2006
Terrence Murphy WR 2005
Dorsey Levens RB 2004
Gilbert Brown DT 2003
Earl Dotson T 2002
Santana Dotson DT 2001
Leroy Butler S 2001
Chris Jacke K 1999
Mark Chmura TE 1999
Don Beebe WR 1997
Darrell Thompson RB 1994
Brian Noble LB 1993
Mark Murphy DB 1991
Ezra Johnson DL 1991
Brent Fullwood RB 1990
Ted Hendricks LB 1983
Dave Robinson LB 1974
Forrest Gregg T 1971

Obviously, this is only a limited list of those players, but there are some very interesting players among them. Terrence Murphy, for example, played in three games during his rookie year of 2005 before suffering a neck injury that ended his career. Don Beebe retired after suffering a concussion in 1997. Dave Robinson, the recent inductee into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, has been outspoken in his criticism of the NFL and its handling of this issue.

One of the most curious names on the list is Mark Murphy, but it is not the same Mark Murphy who is currently the President and CEO of the Green Bay Packers organization.

In any case, the NFL has apparently avoided taking any blame in the matter by settling out of court, a win for the league, while the players in question have succeeded in receiving compensation.

NOTE: This article originally and incorrectly indicated that the Mark Murphy listed in the lawsuits is the current Packers executive. APC apologizes for this error.

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