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Packers Cut Jonathan Amosa, According to Report

The first Packers cut of the day has been reported.


In the first report of what will likely be a crazy day of cuts on the Green Bay Packers' roster, the first one has been reported. Unfortunately for young fullback Jonathan Amosa, it appears that he is out of a job. NFL Insider Aaron Wilson has learned of the first cut:

The team certainly appeared to like Amosa, but this cut would be no surprise considering the team already has a veteran fullback in John Kuhn who excels in pass protection. Kuhn was unlikely to get cut, despite some of the discussion about leaving him off the roster, and he certainly appears to be safe. However, if he indeed is headed for the practice squad, that would certainly give Amosa some relief should he pass through waivers unclaimed.

Stay tuned to Acme Packing Company for more information on today's roster cuts.

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