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Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers News and Links for September 10, 2013

Before you read through today's link dump, get ready to get mad at Jim Harbaugh all over again. BONUS - Manningface!

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This picture was undoubtedly taken after a call went the 49ers' way.
This picture was undoubtedly taken after a call went the 49ers' way.
Jeff Gross

Has another 24 hours helped to calm everybody down about the Packers loss to the 49ers yet? Yes? Good, because Jim Harbaugh will help you get that rage back, as he often does, this time by calling out Clay Matthews for "slapping" Joe Staley instead of punching him. Right, Jim, because using a closed fist to punch a guy in the head when he's wearing a helmet is a brilliant idea. You're not trolling at all. Sarcasm complete...on to the links.

Clay Matthews' hit sparks war of words between 49ers, Packers - JSOnline
I have a feeling plenty of Packers fans would love to use their own knuckles and punch Harbaugh.

Packers' Eddie Lacy still getting up to speed - JSOnline
Tom Clements on Lacy's effect on the passing game: "I think the run action helps and the (passes) over the middle to Randall (Cobb)."

Christl/Baranczyk analysis: Davis proves better choice of '06 draft | Packersnews
An interesting take, but remember that a lot of people (myself included) thought A.J. Hawk was going to be a perennial Pro Bowler.

Disarming the NFL's newest weapon: The read option was the breakout star of the 2012 season. How can defenses try to stop it in 2013? -
This is great - it's highly recommended reading for anyone who wants to understand the problems that the read-option can create for defenses.

Philip Rivers -- all of Philip Rivers -- is back in epic come-from-ahead loss -
Hooray! NFL season being back means making fun of Rivers being alternately the best and worst QB in the NFL!

Fumblr, Week 1: Your quarterback is not elite -
Complete with double-Manningface.

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