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Packers Sign Seneca Wallace, Release B.J. Coleman

Packers have reportedly signed veteran quarterback Seneca Wallace to back up Aaron Rodgers.


If you thought that the Green Bay Packers couldn't go into the 2013 regular season with B.J. Coleman as their backup quarterback, it appears that you are correct.

Just as everyone predicted, Seneca Wallace is the new backup quarterback for the Green Bay Packers. Ed Werder reported it first this morning, and the Packers have announced it as well...I mean, I really have no clue what's going on with this team anymore. It feels like Ted Thompson is just trolling us all. On one hand, Seneca Wallace is a veteran QB who's shown the ability to play adequately in multiple systems over the years. Plus, as Rob Demovsky pointed out, Wallace played in a similar offense under Mike Holmgren in Seattle.

Then there's the fact that Seneca Wallace as of last week was supposed to be retired. (And quarterbacks who flip-flop on retirement always work out swimmingly in Green Bay.) Perhaps the biggest head scratcher about this signing however goes back to a quote from Ted Thompson just two days ago. In talking about the release of Vince Young, Thompson said,

I probably should have had him in here earlier.

Wut? So the solution is to bring in a new guy just six days before the opener? I'm confused.

Wallace did spend time with the San Francisco 49ers during training camp this year, and now the Packers have signed two quarterbacks who were cast off from that franchise, with Scott Tolzien being added to the practice squad.

As Werder noted, B.J. Coleman was indeed released to make room for Wallace. We shall see if Coleman is brought back as part of the practice squad or if the franchise has decided to let him go entirely.

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